Pitch Dark produces a number of artisan single-origin chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and a variety of specialty chocolates and confections (which you can pick up if you stop by our shop). We also sell our fine chocolate in bulk.





 73% Madagascar: From the Akesson Estate, this single plantation bar is created from old Venezuelan stock brought to Madagascar. It boasts predominantly fruity tones while maintaining a uniquely spicy undertone. Usually one of the favorites as the texture is unique and sensual.

73% Fiji (Limited): Sourced from the Namau Village on the exotic islands of Fiji, you’ll notice this cacao is distinctly unique when compared to that sourced from more traditional origins. It’s rich flavor and delightful aroma will heighten all your senses and create an experience unlike any other. Every moment of this bars silky texture will be a redefinition. A five star bar.

73% Ecuador Floral:  "Floral" is the second of the series produced with beans from the Camino Verde plantation by Vicente Norero. This bar usually sends people into orbit.

73% Ecuador Fruity: "Fruity" is the first in a series of bars produced from the Camino Verde plantation. Every bean in the series comes from the same plot, but fermentation is different. Cacao farmer Vicente Norero highlights the specific flavor notes inherent in his beans. You have to smell and taste to understand.

62% Tenor:  Origin blend from the Northern Mountains of Nicaragua with a mature, robust fruity profile.

62% Nugu: Origin blend from the tropical East of Nicaragua with an intense floral and dynamic profile – a wide ranging favorite of very high quality.


80% Johe: (Limited) This promising fine Acriollado-cacao variety with a high percentage of white beans originated from the region of Matagalpa. It is characterized by its pure nutty flavor combined with pleasant acidity of green apple and aroma of green tea. A personal favorite and a good match for a three star Michelin experience. Like a Grand Cru up against a Bourgogne.

80% Rugoso: Single varietal Nicaragua: With a strong cocoa and tannic flavor at the start, this Nicaraguan Trinitario-type cacao releases plum and strawberry notes blended in its sweet chocolaty aftertaste. This may be the most favored bar of all presented today.

80% Chuno: Single varietal Nicaragua: This Tritinario-type variety originating from the northern Highlands of Nicaragua is characterized by a complex flavor profile. It releases a nice fresh and intense aromatic profile with notes of spices and olives. The texture here is also unique and full of “minerality”.

80% Nicalizo: Single Varietal Nicaragua: Releasing a smooth fruity acidity of grapes and raisins, this award-winning Nicaraguan Trinitario-type cocoa leaves a long delicious woody aftertaste. It has a unique intense character because of its complex aroma and flavor with a long finish and impression on the palate. One of the top sites for cocoa and a bar that tasters remember for a long time.




62% Jasmine Pearl Matcha Tea and Nib (Limited): Local company Jasmine Pearl Tea Co and Pitch Dark have collaborated on a fantastic Jasmine Pearl Matcha tea covered nibs chocolate bar with our Nicaragua origin blend. Matcha is made of fine young tea leaves, shaded for 2 - 3 weeks, then plucked, heated, dried, and ground into a powder. The shading raises the chlorophyll content, giving the dried powder its deep green color, and also increases vitamin and amino acid content. As one is consuming the actual leaf, as opposed to drinking the brew steeped from the leaf, caffeine intake is higher, but available nutrient count is also elevated. 


73% Jacobsen Pinot Noir Salt bar:  We have teamed up with Jacobsen Salt Co. to create this vibrant bar featuring hand harvested sea salt infused with Willamette valley pinot noir. 



Drinking Chocolate: We believe that drinking chocolate should be dark, as well. This fully in-house made-and-milled chocolate crumble into a warm glass of milk and you will feel "at home," where ever you are.  Don't let the experience stop there...  Have a mocha with our different single origin dark chocolate varietals, and it's simple to say that you will have a hard time committing to any other form of espresso-chocolate relationship ever again. 



Bulk at 62%, 73%, 80% or custom  - Oh yes, it's still our product from tip-to-tale!  This chocolate needs to be in your cake, pastry, coffee and everywhere else.  Our exquisite chocolate maker can work with you on finding the correct flavor profile based on your exact need! So many profiles to chose from - don't worry, we will pair you with the perfect one.



Portland Bitters Project + Pitch Dark - We have teamed up with local Portland Bitters Project to bring you a fantastic bitters concoction. Deep, Dark delicious cacao brought to you in this bracing and complex blend. We use our Pitch Dark Chocolate single origin Madagascar cacao and pure vanilla to create a bitters at home with dark spirits, vodka, in your favorite hot chocolate or even coffee, (especially pleasant in cold brews). Ingredients: water, alcohol, raw sugar, cacao, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings



• all natural • no preservatives • seasonal flavors

- Oregon Rasberry

- Salted Caramel

- Chocolate Caramel

- Coffee

- Salted Caramel

- Chocolate Caramel

- Noir Ganache

- Matcha Noir Ganache


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