Neighborhood Notes Article • Pitch Dark Opening

From the Editor...

When he was just 14 years old, Brian Flick started a confection company making wholesale chocolates for events and weddings. In grad school—he studied applied cultural analysis in Sweden—Flick jumped at the opportunity to travel to Fiji, where he got the chance to study the cultural and economic factors of the island’s cocoa industry. In other words, he’d always had the chocolate bug, but his new production and retail outfit showcases the kinds of homemade chocolates that most Americans have never tasted. That’s because the beans he sources from Fiji, Ecuador and Madagascar don’t come from single countries or even single regions, but rather from single farms. So, expect Pitch Dark’s chocolates (made with 73 percent cocoa) to have completely different flavor profiles than most—if not all—of the chocolate you’ve enjoyed so far. Flick also say he plans on offering confectionary and bean-to-bar classes. Chad Walsh, 3/20/2014