Examiner • Silky Dark Artisan Chocolate: New on Sandy in PDX

The neon sign beckons... CHOCOLATE. A simple storefront hides the complexity of the chocolate process. From farms in faraway Fiji and Ecuador the single origin chocolate beans are gathered, roasted and selected for the final processing into magnificent "Modern American Chocolate." This is the new kid on the eclectic Sandy Blvd. block It's Pitchdark Chocolate.

This isn't your PA chocolate bar. The chocolate that comes out of Pitchdark Chocolate is as modern and refined as chocolate comes. With the expertise and passion of owner, Brian Flick behind the products, we thought we might be in for a treat as the store front was opened to the public. And we were not disappointed in the least. Brian is an amazing person who fell in love with chocolate at age 14, followed his passion through career and education and, at age 28, is realizing a dream. And I sense this is just the beginning.

While Pitchdark Chocolate will be making delectable chocolates and chocolate bars to be sold to the passersby, you'll also find their chocolate in dark drinking chocolate (just mix with milk or coffee) and bulk chocolate destined to be in your "cake, pastry, coffee, cocktail and everywhere else." In fact, in honor of the opening nearby Laurelwood Brew Pub was serving up some chocolate infused beer.

You'll see the chocolate being processed right in the shop. What a delightful destination for a weekend walk or, perhaps, to top off a dinner at one of the local Hollywood district restaurants.